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Services Offered

We complete appraisals of many different property types, from simple to complex, and for various reasons. Properties appraised include small to large single family residential homes, estate homes, custom homes, 2-4 family homes, multi-family housing, condominium units, town houses, row houses, cooperative units, agricultural lands, land lots, small farms, horse farms, horse property, rural estates, lake properties, and manufactured homes. Read on to learn more about the specific product that will best suit your needs. Feel free to give us a call. We would be happy to guide you with regards to the type of appraisal product that would be most appropriate for you. Our phone number is 973-633-1088. 

Residential Appraisal

Appraisals of single family homes, two to four family housing, condominium and cooperative units, estates and high-rises. Our most frequently ordered product is a residential appraisal for general purpose-an appraisal for Current Market Value/ Asset Valuation, which includes private appraisals needed for Buying/ Selling (Pre-purchase/ Pre-list, Divorce and Bankruptcy/ Insolvency. An appraisal for current market value reflects the value of the home if you were to "sell it today". However, market value appraisals can also be retro-dated to reflect another period of time as needed.

Mortgage Finance and Asset Appraisals

(Single Family Residential, Income Property (2-4 Family), Condominium, or Cooperative units). Utilizing the standard Fannie Mae/ Freddie Mac forms in Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD) format, products are available to our public and private mortgage lender/ AMC clientele, for FHA or conventional purchase, refinance mortgages, and equity lines of credit/HELOC, and available to our private clientele for use in loan modification and partial release cases, and short sale process.  

Residential Estate Settlement/ ​Inheritance Tax Appraisals

Appraisal based on "date of death", retro-dated to reflect market value as of a definitive date in time, to satisfy State of New Jersey Inheritance/ Estate Tax laws, and to assist with estate settlement and distribution. 

Appraisal Review

Thoroughly detailed reviews for use in quality control, buyback, or dispute settlement. Our experience in appraisal review, and forensic retro-appraisal review is extensive. 


We have over 14 years experience completing Worldwide ERC/ Domestic and International Relocation Appraisals, with high quality ratings, and low "variance" levels. The variance is the difference between the appraiser's anticipated selling price for a relocation property, and the actual selling price, reflected as a percentage.

Additional Services

Mass Appraisal/ Cooperative to Condominium Conversion

We have successfully appraised over 700 unit garden apartment complexes and entire mid and high rises for cooperative to condominium conversion purposes, and are experienced with the time management and inter-personal skills required to process projects of this capacity.

Exterior-Only and Desktop Appraisal Products

Recommended for investor analysis, pre-auction/ pre-foreclosure, and for real estate agents and sellers to help establish a new listing price, selling price or offering price. 24-hour turnaround is available with the desktop product.

Litigation/ Expert Witness Testimony

Some appraisal assignments will require the additional extension of our testimony to our work product in a courtroom setting. Should this need arise, our principle appraiser, Timothy J Boreale is comfortable and experienced in the court room, and has been approved at the county and state level courts for expert witness testimony in divorce courts and boards of taxation.

Land Appraisals

Appraisal Land specializes in land appraisals of many kinds. Vacant land/ lots, preserved land, farmland, conservation easements, NJ Highlands, for purchase/ sale, reconstruction, subdivision/ assemblage, unique property and more. Whether it's a city plot, proposed subdivision, rural parcel, farmland, conservation easement, remnant, boat slip or a hundred acre wood, we are your local experts. We can assist you with all of your land valuation needs, such as: buying, selling, donating, assembling or subdividing. We have experience appraising unique and unconventional parcels of land, such as flag lots, land-locked pieces and remnants, and with various topographical features such as wetlands and ridge lines. We are knowledgeable about interpreting local zoning codes, restrictions, and NJ Highlands legislation.


​​Various consulting services are available to assist with decision making, including general real estate advice, Absorption Rate Studies and Exposure Time analysis to determine the approximate length of time necessary to sell a real estate asset, ​Cost, Benefit and Feasibility/ Land Use Studies to assist in the development process, ​Home Improvement Consulting if you are thinking of flipping, or selling an asset and looking to increase your profit margin, and ​Market Analysis to determine when is the right time to buy or sell. These are just examples of some of the more popular consulting services we offer. Give us a call. Let us know what you are thinking and we will point you in the right direction.

Complete Alphabetical List of Services Offered

Appraisals for all the following intended uses:



As-is/ After Repairs Valuations

Asset Management


Bankruptcy/ Insolvency

Before/ After (Subdivision, Condemnation)

Buying/ Selling (Pre-purchase, Pre-list Values)

Buyout/ Blue Acres Program



Conventional Mortgage

Contaminated Property


Date of Death Valuations

Divorce Proceedings




Estate Planning & Distribution

Estate Settlement

Equitable Distribution



FHA Mortgage

FHA Partial Release

Foreclosure (REO)

Forensic & Retro Field Review

For Sale By Owner (FSBO)


Impartial Dispute Settlement

Inheritance Tax

Insolvency/ Bankruptcy

Insurance Claims

Investor Analysis


Kitchen Donation


Land Appraisal

Land Donation


Loan Modification

Loss Mitigation


Market Analysis

Market Rent Schedules

Market Value


Medicaid/ IRS



Operating Income and Expense Analysis


Partial Release Valuations

Prenuptial Agreements

Purchase/ Sale


Relocation (Domestic & International)

Residential Appraisal Field Review


Short Sale Process


Tax Appeal


USDA Mortgage